It was a crisp Autumn day, about three years ago. I had already grown an interest in the Goddess of Herbalism and the Craft, as I had been studying the usage of Herbs medicinally and spiritually for quite some time. But I was hesitant. The Great Goddess was not known to be the One for the faint hearted…and I consider myself very faint hearted. Or at least I did at the time. But that’s another story.

I live down the road from a huge, old Civil War cemetery. From time to time, I find myself walking amongst the graves and reflecting on my life. I don’t know why I do this, but something about the stillness soothes my frazzled nerves. My family and I used to go walking through the local cemeteries as a hobby. It never seemed weird to me. And I suppose I never kicked the habit.

Anyway, I had gone to the cemetery that afternoon before sun down for a bit of meditation on the subject and I had read such places were sacred to the Goddess.

It was chilly, but I made myself head out with a coat and gloves. Up the hill and through the rows of ancient, crumbling graves I found the perfect spot for meditation right beneath an oak tree, next to the smallest mausoleum.

If I’m being entirely honest with you all, and myself, I don’t really recall what happened next. It wasn’t something theatrical, not something that you’d see in a movie where lightening drops from the sky at my feet and booming voice follows. 

It was more like…a change in energy. The way the wind brushed against my cheeks felt different, more alive. The smell of someone burning leaves off in the distance was so vivid, so real. And somehow I knew and felt for that moment I was exactly where I needed to be. 

Hecate’s energy was there in her sacred grounds. She was everywhere in the dying leaves, the biting wind, the gray clouds that filled the sky. I could see her clearly in my meditation; an older woman with hair as black as coal and violet eyes. 

And then I knew.

My Goddess had found me. Or, maybe I should say, I found Her. There’s no doubt that she had been there for quite sometime, waiting in the shadows for me to figure it out.

What was it like when your Goddess chose you? I know they say you just know when it happens and that was certainly the case for me.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?


The Amazing Benefits of Lavender


This brilliant purple flower is so much more than meets the eye. Although more commonly known for its calming properties, there is a number of benefits found when it comes to this miracle herb. Did you know lavender is also an all natural antibacterial? This makes it perfect for nontoxic all purpose cleaners! There are just so many ways you can incorporate this plant into your daily life!

Oil of lavender can be used to sooth frazzled nerves and uplift the mood. Add a drop to your bath water to aid in relaxation after a long day on your feet. The scent alone is very beneficial and said to aid with headaches and migraines! You can even dab on acne and red spots to sooth inflammation. I like to use it after I wash my face to help control dry skin, especially around this time of year.

Hand and body lotions made of lavender can be used to calm anxiety (though the ER is the best place to go in case of emergencies, of course) or rubbed in the skin before bed to promote a healthy sleep cycle. I personally like to use my lavender shea butter lotion after a hot shower or bath, right before I put on my pajamas on after a long day at work. The scent is relaxing and I can feel myself melting, aching feet be damned.

My personal favorite use of lavender is that in teas. The taste is crisp, floral, and fragrant. Lavender tea is has been linked to number of benefits such as being an aid to headaches, digestion, and sore throats as well as being used as promote sleep and relaxation.

And those are just the physical attributes. 

Spiritually lavender is said to promote peace, love, luck, and abundance. Lavender can be worn on your person during a job interview for luck. Light a lavender candle to bring peace, love, and tranquility into the home or to settle an argument. Make lavender lemon cookies or cake promote health, peace, and good will. Hang a herb satchel above your bed or leave it under your pillow to bring good dreams and protection during sleep.

With the weather growing colder with the Turn of the Wheel, I find myself seeking out lavender infused teas while I settle in late at night with the latest novel I’m reading (The Help). The floral scent is so comforting on cold, autumn nights.

I suppose its safe to say Lavender is my Chosen herb.


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